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About Legal

Legal age determined by each state. In many jurisdictions, the legal is 18, at which a person becomes
responsible for his or her actions and is capable of entering into contracts or other business
relationships. Although, the legal age for some activities may be higher (21) and for others, such as
drinking or driving.> See juvenile>

Legal Marriage is an unique legal status conferred by and recognized by governments
> see marriage >

Legal separation does not mean divorce. However, it is the ground of complaint divorce
> see separation >

Legal Separation Agreement a valid statement "seal" with notary public and grant by family court.
The agreement must be fair and both parties agreed all of the terms.
> see agreement > declaration >

Legal Custody the parent has legal right of minors…> see custody >

Legal Paper the document or paper works (usually prepare by counsel) under court formatted such as
affidavit, declaration, summons, decree, financial statement, wavier…etc; some request have sealed
with notary public or even granted by Judge. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy