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Adultery One of grounds for a fault divorce. Sexual intercourse between a married person and a third
party who other than his or her lawful spouse, in which case the person who committed the act with the
estranged spouse is called an adulterer or a correspondent; it is also a criminal offense - unfaithfulness
and cheating of the marital commitment. Courts once used adultery, once the sole ground for divorce in
some jurisdictions, to punish the guilty. The Plaintiff must prove the convincing evidence for complaint.
We pursue the marital commitment based on one versus one partnership. Love is selfish, not as a cake
that one can split pieces of love to another and ignore the other feeling.

History of punishment
Polygamy (Polyandry) is illegal at law in common country. However, in ancient Dynasty, Polygamy was
popular for male. Men were allowed to have many unmarried mistresses but women. Adultery guilty
mostly forwards to punished female more than male. In ancient Athens, the betrayed husband had the
right to kill his wife and was allowed to kill or maim the affair of man (adulterer). In ancient China, the
married wife and the adulterer were forced to put in "Pig cage" and the anger people drowned them in
river. (See Bigamy)

Punishment in now USA
Nowadays, women have the fair right to accuse their spouses on the marriage cheated. Adultery is not
acceptable on the marriage pact that for protecting of the marital, spousal and children benefits in
federal law. For example, in Pennsylvania, adultery is technically punishable by 2 years of imprisonment or
18 months of treatment for insanity.
The typical example should
be the American famous
Tiger Woods. His
scandal makes him will loss
his family and his future
immediately; not just the
people focus the money how
much he paid his mistresses
or how much alimony to his
wife. People put all the
emotion pressure on him that
because of his private life, it
would be enough to punish
him. Actually, no one can
judge the family matter until
either wanted to divorce, let
the court handle all of
matters as child & spousal
support, custody & visitation
and assets distribution. The
point is; they want to save
or waste their marriage.
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