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Agreement of Marital / Divorce
Generally, it's not referred to as a 'divorce agreement'. However, this is an easy way until only the court
can grant a divorce. An agreement can avoid the emotional conflict and fair to distribute benefits of each
other and child on divorce. <see assets>

The Three of majority agreements as;

- Ante-nuptial / Pre-nuptial of agreement:
an agreement of couples settle their properties individually
before they married; who intend to marry each other, which sets forth the rights of each person in the
properties of the other before married; especially in the event of divorce or death, it may go easy to
protect each other assets right if in case the couples to got divorce. It's very popular in USA especially in
loop of Hollywood.

- Marital of Agreement: A legally enforceable of spousal contract settling all matters after the couple
married as the right of property, assets and liability division, alimony, health, life insurance, Legal and
physical custody, child support, visitation, medical insurance and expenses, and child education, etc.
Couples can agree to affect their both marital rights during their lifetime and even after their death to
their marriage.

- Separation of Agreement: it can called martial settlement agreement of couples upon divorce to
settle the distribution of their marital matter as properties, alimony, child support and custody with the
legal separation period by an agreement. The separation is the grounds of divorce. Most status request
couples separated for physically one to more than years.
Some state's jurisdictions require the divorcees must be filed with a valid Separation Agreement when
they were filing to court of ground for uncontested divorce. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy