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Appeal is written a request for asking the higher court to review and change the judge's decision.
Request to a higher court to review and reverse the decision of a lower court. On appeal, no new
evidence is introduced; the higher court is limited to considering whether the lower court errs on a
question of law or contrary with discretion to the evidence presented during trial. Unless special
permission is granted by the higher court to hear an interlocutory appeal; otherwise, an appeal cannot
be made until the lower court renders a final judgment.

The Permissible grounds of the Commission determinate for appeal;
1. Relevant discretion of the actual facts on erroneous information, and justified a different decision;
Finding of facts' - Most are extremely difficult to challenge because appeals courts accept to the
ability weigh of evidences. Unless the court's findings of fact cannot possibly be supported by the
evidences, such appeals will fail. Judges have discretion to believe or disbelieve all of the evidences
presented, and courts will not have the second guess on the trial.
2. to justify a different decision would have resulted if the significant information had been
presented but never known at the time of the hearing and the information has already in existence
3. A different decision would have resulted if the Commission made a procedure incorrectly to error in
the case.
4. The Commission applied a statute incorrectly or made an error in applying the guidelines; (e.g. in
determining one period of imprisonment or calculating time in custody).
5. A decision outside the guidelines was not supported by the reasons or facts stated in the Notice of
6. Mitigate circumstances in the case which justify a different decision.
Appeal Procedures the appeal must be filed to the Commission within 30 days from the date on the
Notice of Action. The permissible grounds for appeal are described must provide a brief summary of all
the grounds for your appeal, a statement of the facts and reasons in support of each ground identified
in your summary and any additional information to your appeal. The appeal will be decided on all of the
record, and you will be notified of the Commission's decision through a Notice of Action. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy