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Appear / Appearance / File an Appearance The attorney or representative who to
represent a plaintiff or defendant, come into court in an action. The plaintiff must be filed an
appearance with the registering name of the attorney or representative to the court. All pleadings and
notices are sent to his/her address which constitutes proper service on the plaintiff / the defendant.

An appearance shall be filed on the appropriated form by the attorney or representative appearing in
each case. Thereafter, substitution may be permitted upon the written withdrawal of the attorney or
representative of record or upon notification.
When an appearance is made by a person acting in a representative capacity, his or her personal
appearance or signature shall constitute a representation that under the provisions of he or she
authorized and qualified to represent. Further proof of authority to act in a representative capacity may
be required.
Once counsel files the appearance, lawyers cannot withdraw plaintiff or defendant appearance without
their permission or leave of court; usually by motion. Sometimes courts will not allow counsel to
withdraw unless a new lawyer or the parties themselves to files an appearance. The courts frequently
deny this request if upon no lawyer appearance.

Or, if represent by own, appear without counsel, said name as '
pro se.' an appearance involves a
voluntary submission to the jurisdiction of the courts.
Availability of Records - During the time a case is pending, a party to a proceeding or his / her
attorney or representative shall be permitted to examine the record of proceeding in a Service office.
Also, make copied of the documents or transcripts of evidence furnished by him / her. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy