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Cohabitation The couples are living together but without married. Unmarried persons living together
as husband and wife but without article or certificate of marriage; whether or not they engage in sexual
activity. However, Cohabitation == Marriage!
Nowadays, many people choose cohabitation before or substitution marriage. They thought it would be
easy to out of the troubles on their personal assets if finally the relationship ended up.

Divorce Rate used to climbing high In USA, even in the world; almost half of married people had
divorced or had have ever wanted divorced. But now, the rate has dropped since 1980s because just
the marriage rate dropped down too. More Couples live together without marry. They don't want to keep
and trust in the long-term relationship. Whatso, flimsy cohabitation has not gotten enough protection for
unmarried children and each other, especially when the unmarried parents split. It may produce poorly
relationship in society. <See Parent>

The point is what's the pattern do you want on your relationship? Do you think if one day you were not
there (if die) and whom you really want to take the responsibility and protection for the other and your
Cohabitation does not create any contractual relationship or valid marriage and impose any other legal
duties upon the parties common law marriages are not accorded validity for unmarried persons living
together. The rights and obligations that attend a valid marriage simply do not arise where the parties
choose to cohabit outside the marital relationship.

The unmarried person and children have no right or limited to inherit assets that because the
refusal of any state country to recognize such relationships. The other one could not to apply the
alimony if the relationship split up cause by the "mistress". However, "Adultery" cannot be a reason to
requesting alimony or assets distribution on the broke up relationship (except Child Support & Custody).

The unmarried couple would not deprive their parentage of their involved children. They have the
parent's obligation in law for custody and support to maintenance of minor child / adopted children.

In some jurisdictions, judge concern the minor children, the "Custodial" has majority turn towards to
mother more than father if the couple unmarried. The"father" would be lost the legal relationship with the
Why Divorce Guideline
Cohabitation Vs. Marriage
Uncontested = No fault Divorce
Contested Vs. Uncontested
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