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Contested / Fault divorce - The parties versus or the spouses cannot comply on resolve all of
the issues involved separation agreement such as assets distribution, alimony, child custody & support.
The couples have argument for ending up their divorces. They should have to hire the lawyers and
mediators to serve all the disagreement before filed to the court. The Judge may resolve the issues if
the parties have still not settled by the time of the final hearing. The complaint for divorce must be
stand on the state of grounds of divorce laws.

They included as below;
Conviction of a crime,
Habitual Drunkenness,
And other types of misconduct. See Annulment >

"fault" divorce is only granted when one spouse can prove adequate grounds. Like an annulment,
these grounds vary from state to state.
Why Divorce Guideline
Cohabitation Vs. Marriage
Uncontested = No fault Divorce
Contested Vs. Uncontested
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