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Order / Court Order / Order of the Court are a signed paper from the judge telling someone
they must to do something. Orders must be in writing. A written instruction from the court carrying the
weight of law; 'Oral' or "Controversy" does not carry the force of law unless in writing, many parties
quote the courtroom statements of the judge. If an order closes the matter and precludes future hearing
and investigation, it is a FINAL ORDER. A final order is an appealable order.

For example; Juvenile Delinquency Order. The judge signed an order for juvenile who the age under
if the minor acted delinquent upon his /her behavior.
There are included as below;
a) Work crew or community services hours
b) Psychological or psychiatric evaluation
c) Individual or family counseling
d) Mandatory school clause
e) Participation in mental health or substance abuse treatment services (residential or outpatient)
f) Participation in classes run by the probation department aimed at developing skills in areas such as:
victim awareness, family wellness, basic skills, job training or anger management
g) Random drug/alcohol testing and search and seizure for drugs/alcohol/weapons
h) Fines
i) Driver's license suspension
j) No contact orders with certain people or places
k) No gang activity
l) Restitution to victim
m) Letter of apology
n) A commitment to the Division of Child and Family Services for a Correctional Placement - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy