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What's DSS Order /DSS Service?

The Department of Social Services or DSS is the state agency responsible for protecting children and
helping troubled families.

DSS does the following of:

1. Investigates all reports that a child may be at risk of abuse or neglect.

2. Provides services to help families in trouble. People can ask for these services on personal own. DSS
can also ask the people who have to accept services as a condition of letting the children remain in

3. Goes to Court to get permission to remove children from the suspicious home if DSS believes that the
children are at risk of abuse or neglect. The Court can order the people who needed to accept services
from DSS as a condition before getting the children back.

4. It is also a licensed child placement agency and can place children in foster care, voluntarily or
though a court order.

5. Arranges for the adoption of children.
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DSS provides appropriate services to help strengthen troubled families who are identified because a 51A
report was supported. DSS send the DSS workers and social workers to investigate all reports that a
child may be at risk of abuse or neglect. These services may include daycare and homemaker services
children remain in the home or are placed in temporary foster care, Arranges for the adoption of
children, counseling for the person and the children, and parenting skills education. People may wish to
contact an advocate or lawyer before to sign the service plan. If anyone refuse services or are unable
to participate in them, DSS may seek either legal or physical custody of the children in court on the
grounds that they are uncooperative. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy