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Declaration is a formal written statement, sworn to be the truth under penalty of perjury by any
person as below in a court case refers to a judgment;
1. who cause of action(Plaintiff),
2. to respond to another person's declaration (Defendant),
3. to advise other legal relations of the parties (Witness saw important events to write declarations
explaining what they know),
4. to advice who has direct knowledge about the issues(Professional advice for supporting only one side
of the case)

Declarations are usually gives information when filing or responding to motions in court that will help the
judge to make a decision. A few counties might allow or require oral testimony at motions hearings, but
most decide motions based on declarations. Some motions have formatted on special declaration forms,
for example; a Declaration of Child custody & support, cases often have trial by affidavit (declaration)
not by oral testimony.

Declaration of Minor Children
The formatted statement serves from family court of plaintiff's action for protection the minor children
under the age of 17 years old. Generally, the plaintiff and the defendant (That called in court of
husband & wife or custodial parent CP & non-custodial parent NCP) both comply all of terms as
custody, support, education, discipline, health, extracurricular and summer activities, religious training,
medical and dental care, and welfare of children by form of notary public; the court also grant the
divorce with this declaration. (enclosed Assets Agreement must) - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy