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Evidence Any relevant testimony, the testimony of witnesses, introduction of records, statement,
videos, tape recordings exhibits, demonstrative material and other information offered provides to
support and accepted by the court to prove or disprove an allegation.

Facts noticed, scope and procedure, commission records these including generally recognized technical
or scientific facts within the commission's specialized knowledge to make decisions and orders in the
cases. The truth of which is submitted to investigation at judicial trial, real evidence that has been
presented to the court.
Facts cannot be disputed and confuse with truths. This makes them a strong
form of evidence.
A "truth" is an idea believed by many people, but it cannot be proven.

Oral, documentary (as affidavit, declaration) or other real existence evidence, general may be
received exclude irrelevant, immaterial or unduly repetitious evidence. Documentary evidence may be
received at the discretion of the commission if the original is not found readily available, it shall be
granted to compare the copy with the original. The subject to the right of any party to cross examine,
any testimony may be received in written form as herein provided. Cross examination may be conducted
as the presiding officer shall find to be required for a full and true disclosure of the facts.

Witness evidence of a fact based on a witness's personal knowledge or observation.

Material physically harmful or damage on the body of person, place or thing. For example; in domestic
and abuse; the obviously hurt on the victims and "Fact" supported by the medical report.
Environment People contend that there is circumstantial evidence of the defendant's guilt.
Circumstantial evidence is direct evidence of a fact from which a person may reasonably infer the
existence or nonexistence of another fact.

In camera inspection index shall be truth records submitted for such inspection on forms which shall
be provided or approved by the commission, the form shall be given to the party submitting the records
as a receipt, indicating the records and date received and the name of the person authorized to receive
and sign for such records on behalf of the commission. It shall also be the responsibility of such party to
make available for examination and cross-examination at a commission hearing on the matter the official
who issued the certification. The copying of records submitted to the commission for in camera
inspection shall not be permitted.

Evidence cannot be considered when used as the basis of a court's decision, It give effect to 'the rules
of privilege' recognized by law
'Rules of evidence' shall be followed with respect to the admission of
evidence in all hearings. Generally, do not apply since the court's orders are only temporary, generally
without prejudice at trial. Any testimony or exhibit admitted in evidence in another commission case
may be offered as evidence in a subsequent hearing and admitted as an exhibit therein.
Parties shall be afforded an opportunity to contest the material so noticed by being notified before or
during the hearing. The commission shall nevertheless employ the commission's experience, technical
competence, and specialized knowledge in evaluating the evidence presented at the hearing for the
purpose of making its
finding of facts and arriving at a final decision. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy