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FQAs of Child Custody in USA

1. Q. What's a custody? Who can get it?
A. see the page of child custody >>

Q. I have moved to other city with my daughter 3 months ago after my husband hit me. I
want to divorce and get the child custody. How should I do?
A. First of all, call the police and keep the report. Domestic violence against either a parent or a child is
considered in deciding custody. < See Abuse and Violence >. Even where the violence was not
committed in a child's presence, it can still affect the child and will be considered. You can get the
protection order and ask to your county family court for helping of your child custody & support, even of
divorce matters. Also, you can ask to have a voluntary lawyer.
See the grounds of states requirement > Child Attorney >

3. Q. We both have no argument for getting divorce but the custody. How can I get the sole
A. The law says a custody award is based on what's best for the child. Courts do not favor either
parent more than the other and no subjective and emotive justice.
<See best of child and custody >
4. Q. Can I stop my spouse to see my children if I have the sole custody?
A. Generally, the courts want children to have a relationship with both parents. Mostly, they will let the
noncustodial parent have the right to visit the children. Be heartily, you can fail the marriage but the
relationship with children and parent. You don't want to see each other but it doesn't mean the children
don't want to see. They are the victim of divorce. Battle only bringing more hurt on them. Please listen
to the children what they say and what they want.
See Visitation > Don't fight in front of Kid >

5. Q. Can relative want to have the legal custody?
A. The law says grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives who want legal custody have to show
the court that the parents are not fit to care for the child - For example, that the parents have
abandoned, neglected, or abused the child or that there are other extraordinary issues about the
parents' care. If the court agrees about these things, the court can then consider whether it would be
best for the child for the relative to have legal custody instead of one or both of the parents. See
Guardian > NCP >

6.Q. How old can't make orders about the child's custody and visitation?
A. Mostly Seventeen. (Juvenile means under age of 17) New York is eighteen.

7. Q. My spouse took my child out without my permission because I have the legal custody.
What should I do?
A. You can call the police when you feel nervous of your child in danger and get the DSS order to
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