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FQAs of Child Support in USA

1.Q. Who pay the child support?
A. See child support > How to calculate? >

2.Q. When to stop the Child Support?
A. 1) 21, in most states. 2) If a child is under 21 and is either married or self-supporting, or in the
military, a parent doesn't have to pay child support.
3) A child between 17 and 21 who has left home
and refuses to obey parents' reasonable commands can be considered "emancipated" by a court.

3.Q. My husband without pay the child support? How can I get him to pay?
A. You may file a "Violation" petition in Family Court. There will be a hearing and the court will decide if
there was a violation and what to do next. There are many things the court can do to a parent who
doesn't pay a support order.
For example:
a) Order the Support Collection Unit (SCU) to take the payments from the parent's paycheck.
b) Order a lump sum payment and/or payments over time on the money owed.
c) Suspend the parent's driver's license and/or professional or business license.
d) Jail the parent for up to six months for not paying just because the parent doesn't want to.
4.Q. What can I do if I disagreed the support order?
A. You can file an "Objection." An Objection must be filed in court within 30 days of the date the court
order was sent to you. You have a chance to reply to the Objection. The court will then make a
decision on the Objection. The court might leave the order as is, or change it, or order more hearings.
If you still disagree, either parent has the right to appeal the Objection decision to a higher court. Talk
to a clerk in the Family Court if you wish to do this.

5.Q. Can I stop my spouse to visit my children if he/she doesn't have to pay the child support?
A. Parent Visitation and Child Support are individual in the family court. See Visitation >

6.Q. Do I have a lawyer for a Family Court on child support, custody or visitation case?
A. You have the right to hire a lawyer. If you can't afford a lawyer, the court can appoint one for you
free of charge if the court decides that you qualify for this custody or visitation case.

7.Q. I'm a father of an unmarried child. How can I get the custody? What's paternity?
A. A biological father is the man by whom a child's mother became pregnant. However, it doesn't mean
a legal father of the child if a mother is not married to the father when the child is born. The legal
father has to create the legal relationship and responsibility between the father and the child. When a
child is born to unmarried parent, the child lives with the mother and the mother has the legal custody
of the child. So that why in the most cases, the court trend the mother be the custodial parent.
Paternity (fatherhood) means father also has the legal right of the child custody and visitation. That's
benefit for the children even on the shared parenting, family identify and health history. Also, legal
father has the equal right for paying child support of the both parent (mother). Talk to your private
attorney and proof the genetic test (DNA test). See Parent / Paternity / Maternity / DNA test > - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy