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FQAs of Divorce in USA

1. Q. I got married 9 months ago. My spouse and I have no children. We both agree to get
divorced. Can we do it?
A. Depend on the states require. Mostly, you both have to take legal separation, reach the state of
residency requirement and state grounds of divorce.

2. Q. I have married for 3 years. My husband left me couple years ago. We have a child. Can I
get divorced? Does he need to be appearing in the court? Because I can't found him out.
A. Yes you can. Your case seems as abandonment /desertion; <see Annulment and Grounds of Divorce.
> You'd better to try to find him that you need to send him the paper. Also, you can do the Service by
Publication of running an advertisement on newspaper if you really can't find out your spouse finally.
Meanwhile, you have to get help of sole custody from the Family Court. You can request a voluntary
lawyer if you can't afford to hired. It's free. You can ask your county of family court. Normally, he
doesn't need to be appearing in the court with you. However, he has to appear to his resident local
family court for visitation and child support matter...etc. Otherwise, the court will send him order if he
failed to appear in the court. For protect you and your child(ren) right, you should locate where your
spouse is.
See more info of child custody & support >

3. Q. My spouse remarried in other state while we are still legally married. Can I get divorced?
A. Bigamous marriage cannot be annulled. It's a fault divorce. <See Annulment.> It is void ab initio
(not legal from its inception) (one party was still married at the time of the second marriage) you can
get your marriage annulled.
4. Q. How long will it take for uncontested divorce? Do I need an attorney?
A. It depends on court room schedule (how many people are waiting on the line) and your case is
really uncontested or not. <See FQAS of uncontested divorce not grant >. It usually takes 30 to 90
days for waiting the court date. < See the court's located > you can present yourself (see " pro se.")
But you'd to make sure your divorce is uncontested and no minor. Otherwise, lawyer needed for taking
contested divorce or if you needed help that because the proceeding is complicated.

5. Q. Can I get my maiden name back after divorce?
A. You definitely can. <See Name change>

6. Q. My wife and I separated 2 years and both agree to get divorce. What the commons
grounds of uncontested divorce? What's different between of contested and uncontested
divorce? Do we have signed a separation agreement?
A. Uncontested that means you and your spouse both agreed of divorce. <See uncontested divorce. >
Otherwise, contested means you both not concurred the divorce and you have to hire a lawyer for
helping your proceedings. See contested divorce> some states require for granting divorce with a valid
/ separation agreement. See the state's requirement >

7. Q. My husband and I are getting on separation. However, he keeps to calling me and waiting
for me at home even my office. I feel annoy and unsafe. I don't want my co-workers to know
my family matter. Should I call police?
A. Your husband behavior called stalking. It might be put you in danger. You should call police to ask
the "anti-stalking" protection order <see violence> - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy