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Some reasons that cause the court cannot grant an Uncontested Divorce case as
the following circumstances;

1. Misnomer
The petitioners filed the wrong information as spelling wrong the spouse name, yes! It exactly had ever
happened. Or send to the respondent resident address incorrect.

2. Taking wrong procedure
Petitioner would be filed too early to court; even send to wrong document under the wrong step
because some papers have to filing for waiting prior time from 30 to 90 days or more.

3. Misunderstand
People desire to get their divorce on uncontested because it is the best way to save the cost.
However, they thought there were uncontested, it would be turning contested if they have the minor
of marriage or without the valid separation agreement or their separation marital agreement was
not approved from the court. "Equitable distribution" is complicated matter of the marital assets,
especially for child support & custody. The court may not grant a divorce if it deprived the spouse and
child benefits. Divorce is not only based on a few steps. You should get the professional attorney advice
for your divorce types of contested or uncontested.
4. The wife be pregnant on the period of filing dissolution
The dissolution of marriage must not be granted that because if the wife was pregnant by the husband
on the time of filing. The state court must concern the child benefit when the child was born without
"Legal Father". However, even the wife was pregnant with another man at the time of marriage but the
husband. This may be the ground of "fraud" divorce of some states as Georgia and Tennessee, but the
court would not granted the divorce between on the wife pregnant period until the baby born and the
husband can proof the DNA test to who the "real father" is.

5. Neglect the state residency requirement
You lived in the state and county not reach the state court requires. Remember! Not only the state,
including the county where you will be filing to county of court.

6. Without Waiting period
The parties filed the dissolution of marriage but without legal separation. All states jurisdiction, spouses
must have lived apart or physically separated that without cohabitation on continues period; generally
at least 1 year, some states require 3 years after for filing filed to family court. The waiting period can
avoid the parties of their "shortly emotion". The separated moment can lead the couple cool down their
emotion, live apart on different parts and have the space to thinking of "save" or "waste" their

7. Age illegal
The divorcee's age under 21 parental consent (some state require 18 years old that the age should not
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