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FQAs of the low cost pack DIY
1. Q. How to lower my divorce cost?
A. First, your divorce is uncontested. The commons grounds of uncontested divorce as the below:
a). Both you and your spouse have agreed to get divorce.
b). You and your spouse have separated continues for 1 year or more; depend on the state or county
c). You have a witness to verify that you and your spouse have been separated more than 1 year.
d). You or your spouse has resided in the state, where you want to get divorced, for a continuous
period of 1-2 years before the commencement of this action.
e). The wife is not pregnant
f). You and your spouse are not active in military or armed forces

2. Q. What's in the pack? Do I have other charge?
A. DIY packet has the easy step-by-step detail instruction for teaching you how to get your divorce
done, you only sign and check the documents and do the divorce by yourself. There is no other
charge except the court filing fee which you pay to the family court and taxes. Read the details of
the packs

3. Q. I want to get divorce but I don't know your package would appropriate to me.
A. No problem. You can get our Free advice before you order.

4. Q. I got the divorce paper from somebody else. But I don't know is it correct? And how can I
fill out the paper?
A. Actually, divorce is a complex thing. Sometimes, it's very difficult to set up the divorce documents
and make the steps right. You need the professional help. We suggest you to get our pack instead of
the unknown paper. It makes you feel easier and reliable, at last to get divorce. Or, hire a lawyer to
help you. (See the reasons why divorce cannot grant)

5. Q. How can I get the package? Can I get the mail? How much on the shipping fee?
A. First, we do not use the mailing, so we have no shipping fee on you. Second, all of the information
and the pack will send to you through by email. It can fast and save the waiting time on mail.
Therefore, you have always to check your email. And you have to download Adobe Reader for opening
the DIY file, it's Free. Don't be worry about it, our client care dept. help you after you order.
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