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What are grounds of divorce?
Grounds of divorce the reason or cause of the breakdown of the marriage or the reason or cause of
the person to filed complaint for divorce in court that under by the family law & jurisdiction.

Depend on the legal basis or reason when court grants a divorce. Each state has different divorce
statutes set forth that constitutes. The 'legal reasons' called "Grounds" for the court has the "fully
reason" to judge and dissolution a marital relationship under family law.

The common grounds of No-fault / Uncontested divorce are;
- 'irretrievably broken down',
- Both agreed to get legal separation with agreement on a period time,

The common grounds of fault / Contested divorce are;
- Adultery,
- Abuse,
- Abandoned/ desertion,
- Habit-forming of alcohol or drugs,
- Long-term imprisonment,
- Impotency,
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