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Guardian / Guardianship ("guardian ad litem") means a person who legally has the responsibility
care and management of minor children under (17 years old) and provide on the appropriated physical
and mental conditions, such as the Biological parent, adopted parent, family relatives…
see parent >.

He or she has the custodial right of the minors. Depending on the court and circumstances, they
investigate the matter, act of discretion lawyers or mental health professionals, use their own judgment
in determining the '
best interest of the child', and report their findings and recommendations to the
After all, court is appointed the person who has the right to protect and care the best interests of
minors and to provide for their welfare, education and support.

The guardianship will be terminated if the count found out the delinquency of guardian for the child. The
court officers view the annual report with discretion. See Juvenile
The guardianship laws differ by state, you have to ask the current information for each local state's
county family court. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy