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Hearing Notice from the count sent to a defendant of a lawsuit that has been instituted against
he or she of an action, in which he or she may have an interest to defend is accomplished by service
of process on him or her. Notice (Subpoena) can compel the appearance to witness; they must appear
to the pleadings on the hearing date. Disobedience may be punishable as contempt of court. Normally,
no reason can cancel the hearing. Defendant would be failed if did not appear to answer the complaint.
It must has a convince fact to make the court to re-schedule the hearing date.
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Evidentiary Hearing (Hearing on the Merits) A formal proceeding before a judge who hears testimony
under the
rules of evidence, all such decisions are with prejudice and makes a final decision relating to
the matters of presented. In contrast, motions are less formal without adherence to the rules of
evidence. They do not result in final adjudication, but only temporary orders. Therefore, they are often
without prejudice.
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