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How to calculate CHILD SUPPORT? How much is the non-custodial parent (NCP) supposed
to pay to the custodial parent (CP)? How to calculate child support payments?

For example in
New York law uses parent's income as the prime measure. Expenses are virtually
ignored. Multiply the non-custodial parent's net income by the appropriate percentage:

17% for 1 child;
25% for 2 children;
29% for 3 children;
31% for 4 children;
35% for 5 or more children.
(Other limited deductions may apply.) (Income over $80,000 requires a separate calculation.) Multiply
the gross salary of the non-custodial parent, minus the allowable FICA deduction of .0765% to obtain
the net income for calculation. The child support for everything except child care, medical and
educational expenses (add-ons).

Child care, medical and educational expenses (add-ons) are paid in addition to child support and will
usually be pro-rated in proportion to the parent's income. The courts may ignore all of the above for
any good reason. The parties, by mutual consent, may agree to waive the above child support
guidelines as long as both parties are made aware of the provisions of the law and an adequate
explanation is contained in the Separation Agreement.
Contrary, how to calculate of child care costs?
For example in South Carolina; the cost of day care the parent incurs due to employment or the
search for employment, net of the federal income tax credit for such day care, is to be added to the
basic obligation. This is to encourage parents to work and generate income for themselves as well as
their children. However, day care costs must be reasonable, not to exceed the level required to
providing high quality care for children from a licensed provider.
As custodial parent may be eligible for qualified credits, the actual day care expense should be adjusted
to recognize this credit. This adjustment may take place in two ways. In cases where the custodial
parent's gross income exceeds the thresholds listed below, the actual or allowed day care cost is
multiplied by 0.75 to arrive at the adjusted amount to enter on the appropriate line.

Future increases in support may be based on the Guidelines, the Consumer Price Index, wage increases,
or combinations of these. You have to ask your county family court a "
Child Support Guidelines". - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy