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Marriage as a few pieces of divorce paper?
(Real Story from JJ (nick name) NYC)

I was a traditional house wife, stayed home, and prepared the meal, taken care of my son and
husband. I believed tolerate can keep our marriage relationship. (I dreamt I have a complete family
because my parent had never gotten marriage and my real father left us when I was child.) My
husband treated me different when he was working out of town. I sense something happened between
us but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to argue with him. Until one day, I bought my son to
visit my mom but my mom had to work. So we back home early. I can't believe that it was revealing in
my eyes when I opened the room door. I saw my husband's mistress naked her body to stand in front
of me and my son my heart was stroked…. How can I believe it happened in my life-Divorce. I was not
decided quickly. Even my mom and my best friends urged me to do. But it was hard to make a
decision. Our relationship as in and out, he still to kept cheating on me. I used to keep to tolarate him
again. I passed painful, and cried until being hopeless, it's spent me a year. I recognized that was
enough for me. His heart was changed. How can I hold him together? I told him about divorce for us. I
said, "You have yours. I have mine. I don't care who be with you anymore. I just want to change my
life and let's my son and me go…." He surprised to look at me when I said split to him seriously. He
didn't say any then he walked out the door. After that day, we never saw each other again. My mom
suggested she takes my son custody. That would be easy for me to start my new life because I still
young. I'm 26 years old. I had married since I graduated from high school. I got the job for working in
airline. My schedule was not stable, so it would be good idea. My boss also suggested me to go to
college. I can have a good future if I have a degree.
"You have to survive for yourself not just for another one! Your son and I will support you anyway."
That was my mom said.
Finally, I have finished my divorce. I took my last name back.(its my mom last name) Somehow, it was
a bitter way; 8 years of our relationship (3 years together and 5 years marriage) end up by a few
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