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Marriage is an unique legal status conferred by and recognized by governments voluntary for life or
until divorce of (a man and a woman) (Two men or Two women - see below same-sex marriage); the
couple act in accordance with local law by a wedding ceremony and the filing of a marital certificate and
brings with obligations, rights, and protections of marriage.

Same Sex Marriage / Civil Union The legally recognized marriage between of two women or two men,
recognized in available to residents of Massachusetts since May 2004. Pending legislation and politically
more acceptable than same sex marriage on April 2005 in Massachusetts may allow out-of-state same
sex couples to marry in Massachusetts. The Union may be certified or performed by a member of the
clergy or state official.

Marriage Certificate The official certification of marriage (with raised seal) issued by a public entity.
(Generally, religious certificates are unacceptable) A license is required before a marriage can be
performed. Such license can only be obtained after medical testing of the couple and, in the case where
either the man or woman is a minor, by consent of a parent.
Marriage License in NY

License #

filed in court.

Couple's names, residents &
Date of Birth & countries

Granted date & place

Certificated state & clerk's

Certificate record #

Husband 's Name
Wife 's Name
Why Divorce Guideline
Cohabitation Vs. Marriage
Uncontested = No fault Divorce
Contested Vs. Uncontested
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