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Mediation A method to act as a meeting link for two or more persons (known as Parties) cooperation
and communication of setting disputes between the parties with the THIRD PARTY (a mediator) outside
of a appearance court.

In divorce, Mediation is the best way to resolution all of the family problems to assists parties in
reaching informed settlement of questions arising from separation, divorce, or other family conflicts.
Mediator may have joint and separate meetings with the Parties to develop a separation or mediated
agreement, and even a parenting plan. Mediation is a confidential process to put in private meetings
will be confidential moves each Party from room to room discussing the issues. The mediator may not
be subpoenaed in any court proceeding.
Couples secure the help of a professional divorce mediator if they desired to obtain divorce that
attempts a mediation of their affairs, helps people to low the enormous costs and time, avoid emotional
trauma in the court system, and make the proceeding go smooth.

In divorce mediation, the mediator will have a general understanding of the history and breakdown
of the marriage but will not set questions of fault, focus discussion on planning for the future and will
try to identify common interests of the parties, lead the parents discuss various options and decide
what plans will be best for their children .The mediator should terminate mediation if the parties cannot
have a reasonably balanced discussion for any reason.
However, mediation is not the appropriate means of resolving child custody and divorce disputes in
which domestic violence is present, or in which there is a history of domestic violence that because of
assessing conditions would created the potential for unequal power during mediation.
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