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Parent the person has or couples have the legal custody of the children as biological parent, adoptive
parent, step-parent, relative or guardian. See the best interest of the child >

Maternity Biological Mother (egg donor) female adult's relationship to a child that mean gestational
carrier who provides genetic material for a child.

Paternity The relationship between a male parent and a child. Usually means the biological ties, but can
mean the legal relationship imposed by a court on a man who has no biological ties to a child. A
Paternity case is a Family Court that names a child's legal father if the child's parents were not married
to each other when the child was born. The man has the right to ask a court for legal custody or
visitation rights to the child. He has to support the child until 21 years old, in most cases. The child may
also get social security benefits and inheritance rights when these are available.

What different between of Biological father & Legal Father?

Biological father
Every child has a biological father that is the man by whom a child's mother became
pregnant. Not every child has a legal father. If a mother is not married to the father when the child is
born, the child does not have a legal father.
Legal fatherhood Establishing that the legal father creates a legal relationship between the father and
the child. DNA testing is a necessary first step if the father desires visitation or custody to the child. A
father who has not been declared a legal father has no legal rights concerning the child.

For example; if the mother was married to another man at the time the child was born. The mother's
husband at the time of the child's birth is the
legal father of the child unless the court decides to name
a different man based on the evidence. The evidence will usually include court testimony by the
mother, by her husband at the time of the child's birth, and by the man who is supposed to be the
. The evidence will also usually include DNA tests. Determining the legal father means that the
father has a legal responsibility for the child. This entitles the child to the same benefits as a child born
to married parents. see can't divorce when wife pregnant
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