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Separation (Lat: DIVORCE A MEN-SA ET THO-RO) means from table and bed. It is a certainly step to
entered in the course of divorce proceedings. Separation means the parties physical to live separately;
from bed to room, even house. (Few couples choose live together in the same house but lived in
separately room because concern of their minor children.) Separation does not mean dissolve the
, when the husband and wife physically separated and were forbidden to live or cohabit
together; but their marital did not terminate such as cohabit not equal married.
However, Legal Separation is ground of divorce to judgment granted that ends the marriage. Mostly,
states require the parties live separate or apart without cohabitation for continues exceed 12 to 36

Time for Waiting period to Divorce Unless the plaintiff is seeking a divorce based upon living separate
and apart without cohabitation for years, however, there is 30 to 90 days waiting period (depend on the
states requirement) from the filing of the petition before the court will grant a judgment of dissolution of
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