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Summons The court's official mandate or notice to the defendant, requiring the appearance of the
defendant that who must respond to the attached complaint, petition or under penalty of having
judgment entered against him or her. The complaint must be served with the summons for the
defendant to know the particulars of the claim against him or her.

Service of summons and complaint petition with a notice of petition or order to show cause and
petition provided that if service is not made upon a defendant within the time limits for responding to
the summons. The actual index number shall be on the summons, notice of petition or order to show
cause as served.
If defendant was served with the summons in person, he or she has 20 days from the served date or 30
days or more if he or she received the summons in another way. The dependant should file the "Answer
to Complaint
" before the date to appear the judge. If defendant does not respond by filing an answer
and appearing at the court date, the court will enter a default judgment against him or her.
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