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About Temporary before Divorce

Temporary Court Order is a restraining order prohibiting a party from certain activities. Issued in
response to a motion, restraining orders often are issued to protect marital assets and to protect against
domestic violence. In many states, violating a '
domestic restraining order' is a criminal offense. See
DSS order > Abuse >

Temporary Support orders terminate with the entry of an interlocutory decree for divorce.
The following is a partial list of the issues that may be considered at a temporary support hearing:

a) Child custody,
b) Child support,
c) Child visitation,
d) Spousal support,
e) Exclusive use of the marital domicile,
f) Disposition of the marital domicile,
g) Maintenance of the marital domicile,
h) Contribution to sums needed for attorney fees,
i) Advances upon the marital estate,
j) Family and individual counseling,
k) Attachment and restraint of specific assets,
l) Release or transfer of medical insurance cards,
m) Request for issuance of subpoena for records, and
n) Request for restraining orders.

Most temporary support orders are entered as a result of a separation agreement between the parties
with the input of the court.
Temporary support orders continue in existence until further order of the court. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy