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Uncontested Divorce = No-fault Divorce - A divorce without the necessity of a spouse guilty
of marital misconduct. They both agree to all matters between the parties over any divorce-related
issues (i.e., child support, child custody, spousal support or division of marital property), or all the
disagreements between the parties were resolved outside of the courtroom. The divorce is amicable and
presentation an executed separation agreement to the court for approval.

Actually, divorcees need not to verify who right or wrong on emotion for discussing their divorce
complaint in the family court. Since the mid-20th century, some of other states begun to agree
"No-fault" divorce or "Uncontested" Divorce those should be the good way for saving so much money and
make easier of legal procedures.

The most common "no-fault" or "uncontested divorce" grounds are;

1) Voluntary legal physically separation for a period of time.
The parties (or both agree) without
cohabitation or live apart (physically separated) continues exceed a period of time; different states have
different separation period request, usually at least a year or more.
2) A statutory presumption of breakdown differences factors as
Incompatibility, Irreconcilable or Irretrievable
of the legal grounds for no fault divorce in most
states. The court must be convinced and find the marriage has 'irretrievably broken down' and that
there is no chance for reconciliation. If the case is uncontested, divorcee may have to file an affidavit
to testify that the marriage is 'irretrievably broken down.' and filed along with the joint petition and
separation agreement before an uncontested / no-fault divorce is granted

3) Agreed to get a divorce. Parties both have agreed to get a divorce or if either agreed to the
divorce, or fails to appear in the divorce action. The other may be able to represent him or herself to
complete the divorce proceeding without an attorney and with the above of factors description.
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Cohabitation Vs. Marriage
Uncontested = No fault Divorce
Contested Vs. Uncontested
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