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Violence (Violent) the act of moves or physically force to, especially by extreme and sudden or
unjust or improper force. It may imply a lesser degree or a different type of force by the word upon the
context in which used in violet notice. See abuse >

Domestic violence / Family Violence / Spousal abuse
are a specific form of domestic violence
where physical or sexual abuse is perpetuated by one spouse upon another.
When a marriage is falling apart one spouse begins to threaten the other or child with violence or
becomes physically violent; spouse and child harmed by the other or threatened with harm, call the local
police department to getting a protective order.

Stalking - behavior of a rejected partner after a break-up who cannot accept the end of the
relationship. May include incessant calls through the day and night, unwanted letters and email and
other conduct aimed at maintaining contact the stalker hopes will effectuate a reconciliation. The
stalker's behavior may be annoying and intrusive, and can cause fear and lead to harm to the departing
partner. Many states have
anti-stalking statutes that can help to protect you and your child if your
spouse is following you, waiting for you outside your residence, making threatening or harassing phone
calls, displaying other behaviors in order to intimidate and frighten you and your child. Stalking is a form
of Harassment. That is one of the crimes that allow you to get an order of protection.
Safe House / Shelter A residence in an undisclosed location where victims of abuse and their minor
may reside to be safe from the abuser. Usually refers to residences operated by not-for-profit
organizations offering services and shelter to victims and their minor children.
Do not ignore the violence. It absolute can be a matter of life or death if this happens in marriage! Call
the police if you feel you are in danger. You can go to your county's Family Court to file a family
offense petition, go to the district attorney's office (or other local prosecutor's office), or go to the
local Criminal Court. You can choose to do all of these things if it is obvious that you have been
abused, the police may arrest the spouse who use violent on the spot.

Some police officers believe that is domestic violence not a matter for the police. -it's a private matter
between a husband and wife. Therefore, if you call the police for help and request to prepare a police
report, get the officers' names and badge numbers. You can contact their superior if the officer
continues to refuse you.

If you are afraid of your children's father or mother is abused by him or her, there are services, laws
and programs that can help. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or
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