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Witness One who gives evidence in a cause before a court and who attests or swears to facts or
gives testimony under oath. To observe the execution of, as that of an instrument, or to sign one's
name to it to authenticate (arrest it).

In divorce, a close friend or a person may be a witness of the plaintiff who knew that the plaintiff and
defendant matter as they had lived separate and apart from each other for a period in excess time.
Witness who the person only to verify on separation of the parties, violent in event and tell the truth in
the court. He or she need not to say about his/her opinion (e.g. to judge who is right or who is wrong)
on this divorce case or prove anything on the case.

By presenting a declaration from a witness, a party may be giving up the right to keep confidential other
information that witness may have about the party or the child.

Written Testimony It is common practice to request witnesses to provide their written testimony or
limit their oral remarks to a brief summary of the written testimony.

Oral Testimony Most committees rarely require witnesses to testify under oath at legislative hearings;
sworn testimony is more common at investigative hearings and confirmation hearings.
Rule of Witness Protection In criminal cases, after a witness other than the defendant has testified on
direct examination, the court, on motion of a party who did not call the witness. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy